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My platform

Reduce Taxes

The citizens of St. Lucie County have the highest aggregate millage rate in the State of Florida. This isn't just astounding, it's scandalous! I pledge to always vote to reduce taxes if I have the privilege of serving as commissioner.

End Reckless Spending

St. Lucie County has a legacy of boondoggles and failed investments. Government shouldn't even be in the business of picking winners and losers.  I believe that taxpayer funds are sacred, and I will end the legacy of waste and reckless spending.

Restore Accountability

 In business, if you do a bad job, you get fired. Sadly, in politics, we keep the same people in, and even give them promotions! My opponent voted for most of the failed boondoggles while in office. We need to send a message to our leaders that we won't tolerate their failed tax and spend policies any longer.



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